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We are experts in Filmmaking

Kahuna /kəˈhuːnə/

Hawaiian word, defined as a "sorcerer, magician or expert in any profession".


We are an experienced Film Production Company with a solid foundation in visuel storytelling. We do everything from Documentaries to corporate films and commercials.

In the film business we are experts, we are the Kahuna of Films

What We Do

What we do

Every good production starts with thorough planing. In the first stage of a production we provide a rough storyboard with storyline and shot description. That insures that we are aligned with our client in terms of the final film.


No two productions are alike.

We know that reality might differ from our planing and since we want to capture as genuine situations as possible, it's essential to be able to adapt on location. We use high quality cinematic equipment to ensure the best quality.


Post-Production is where the magic happens. We have a inhouse Post-Production facility capable of doing edit, graphics and color grading, all in beautiful 4K. We ensure that the raw material is kept safe by using high grade raid drives and backup stored at a different location. 


Contact Us

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Kahuna Films ApS


+45 20717777

Alliancevej 8B, lejl. 2

2450 Copenhagen SV


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