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Kahuna Live

Kahuna Live is our streaming concept where we take the quality and aesthetic of our film department and transfer that to live streaming. We have an ambition to raise the level of streaming of conferences and events to a height that makes the viewer feel entertained and taken seriously. A level that is on a par with the debates you otherwise only see on TV.

With a background in live TV and production of documentaries and commercials, we have the ability to produce an event in a viewer-friendly form and with high visual quality. We do this using the best people and the most reliable technology.

We therefore prioritize a beautiful and serious image aesthetic over the experience of any audience.


We want to take advantage of our customers often beautiful architectural locations in our images, rather than shooting up against a white wall or contrastless large screen.


In other words, we turn everything upside down, in terms of how to usually hold conferences and give viewers an experience.

The way you structure and visually present a broadcast is crucial to retaining a viewer. We break up the broadcasts with pre-produced presentations and features that help to make the broadcast dynamic and thereby retain the viewer. The scope of these elements will vary from production to production and we therefore want to be involved as early as possible in the process so that we can plan this together.


In order to give the livecast a better flow, we present the topics as well as the speakers graphically or by using a short pre-produced feature. We can also implement live guests via videoconferencing or chat and polling platforms like Slido.



For most productions we use a mix of manned, unmanned and robot-controlled cameras. We use experienced photographers who can quickly make correct image cuts so that the entire production is one visual unit.


An experienced producer ensures that the timing between intro, graphics, features and live event is sharp.

Technical coordinator

The producer is flanked by a technical coordinator who, in addition to having the technical responsibility, keeps track of the order of slides and features and provides cues for photographers and the moderator. All to make the settlement as streamlined as possible.


Good sound is important and sound for streaming is more demanding than for a hall with a listener. We supply an experienced engineer who produces clear sound dedicated to broadcast.


We can provide streaming on virtually all platforms, but we are also happy to work with the customer's own IT department to get the most stable transmission that suits the customer's own workflow.


Reliable equipment is paramount. We therefore use professional cable connections and hardware based production equipment rather than computer dependent technology which is more vulnerable to crashes.

Quality and stability above all.

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