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Our Work

Here are some examples of our work.

Most of these films are shot "Documentary style"

Complete Productions

Shoot and Postproduction by Kahuna Films

Alpine Photography with Kamil Tamiola | Phase One

Alpine Photography with Kamil Tamiola | Phase One

Based out of Aosta, in the very heart of the Italian Alpes, Kamil Tamiola specializes as a landscape and action & sports photographer. With a passion for climbing, Kamil has worked for some of the biggest outdoor sports brands in the world, as well as commercial jobs for, Facebook, Apple, Pocket Wizard. Beside Kamil's work as a photographer he is a passionated speaker and workshop lecturer. His scientific curiosity and storytelling gift, carefully crafted during his years as academic researcher, has helped him achieve many speaker engagements, including the role as presenter for Discovery Channel, Facebook, Apple, G-Technology and finally, he has been selected as a TEDx talk speaker with the presentation, “Imagine Yourself and Night Photography”. Kamil Tamiola: Phase One - Try Phase One: Download Capture One: Kamil Tamiola: Up there you don't get a lot of second chances. The weather, the snow and glacier are unpredictable. And there is always the worry about altitude sickness. But I'm like any other professional photographer. When I am on the shoot I have got to get the shot. And it has to be good. No excuses. I think it is the challenge of pushing myself to the edge that really motivates me. I love shooting in testing environments but part of being professional is knowing and minimizing the dangers. When it comes to safety I reduce the risk as much as I can. Today we are going to be photographing for the Guild of the Guides of Courmayeur. We are right now in the very heart of Mont Blanc Massif at 3300 meters. I am shooting two professional mountaineers. They have been climbing all their lives and are local to this area so they understand the conditions and dangers better than anyone else. What I will utilize here is high dynamic range which allows me to beautifully recover the shadows while toning down the highlights. Actually, this is why I started working with medium format IQ250. No other camera in this quality range offers such a high dynamic range. This type of photography is basically impossible with cameras that offer lower dynamic range. I am going to be shooting with a 40-80mm. My intention over here is to show the action. You can see the snow blowing around. I want to see the snow and the detail in their faces and this is going to be an excellent shot to manipulate with the Clarity tool. I want to see the details. And this lens with its focal range supposed to bring this detail. I want to see expression on these guys and I want to see their hands working. I want to see them going deep into the snow. This is a perfect territory for 40-80mm experimentation. When you shoot at 40mm you show vast nothingness behind them. Whereas you can also see them making all these dramatic moves chopping through this ice and snow. I'm very satisfied with the shots we just acquired because we are facing something called the Scottish conditions with a very powerful Southern wind and lots of ice and particles drifting around. This creates this drama-like situation and shooting wide-angle will make the situation even more dramatic. We are done for today. It was an absolute blast. We have taken lots of landscape shots, action photography. We have done climbing photography and I can’t wait to open the shots in Capture One Pro 8.

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Shot by Kahuna Films

Postproduction by 3rd party

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